Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brown Sugar Kitchen-Review

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The best breakfasts are the ones you don't anticipate. The ones where you wake up to a phone call and a friend asking if you'd like to get up and go grub.

Wednesday I received such a call from my new friend Erin, who is charming at the best of times & makes a lovely dining companion.

Brown Sugar Kitchen, owned by the famed Tanya Holland, is set in the middle of nowhere in West Oakland, but don't worry, cause its not lonely.

The service is good, and the food is good too. I was though, very disappointed with my chicken. While the inside was moist, the outside was burnt, and the chicken itself was pretty bland. I was however, delighted with the lightest and crispiest cornmeal waffle I have ever had, accompanied by apple cider syrup, which was incredible.

Erin and I had Mimosas and then some Limosas (with Lemonade in place of the Orange Juice) then, she was nice enough to share he shrimp & grits with me. I have never had grits and actually enjoyed them. The BSK crew has succeeded where others have failed. Shrimp, grits, some greens & a spicy gravy make for the most delicious combo you could imagine!

The whole exerience was friendly and entertaining, so its worth a trip therem, and worth a trip there again just for the grits! Its unlikely that I will ever order the friend chicken in the future, as it was such a disappointment. On the other hand, one disappointment among so many yummy eats, I can handle.

Brown Sugar Kitchen
3 1/2 out of 5 cupcakes


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