Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chop Bar Brunch!

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Brunch at Chop Bar is a fun and delicious experience. I went for the ham & cheese frittata...its huge and comes with potatoes fruit and mini toast. The ham is very flavorful and was the perfect pairing with my Michilada, a drink my soul mother would appreciate with gusto!

Althea was a huge bloody mary fan and would usually end up drinking mine to, as I would order one to see if I liked it and well, I usually never did. I really dig the Michilada which Jesse, one of the owners, made for me himself.
Jesse told me that this is a Mexican classic, and I can certainly see why. Bohemia Beer, fresh lime, spicy tomato juice, ice and salt. This drink will bring me back for brunch, you can be sure!

Chop Bar has a relaxed, cool atmosphere, though be warned, on the weekends they only serve brunch and dinner. They have a small, lovely little kitchen, but trying to turn over three menus in one day would be an amazing feat!

Frankly, I love Chop Bar, and the crew is awesome. If you want friendly, fun and easy going, make sure you visit!

Chop Bar
247 4th St #111, Oakland Ca

Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Wine there is truth, or so says James King....

Looking to learn more about wine? Host a wine tasting for your friends or want to shake up your latest corporate shindig?

Then you need to listen to this fun and interesting interview with James King of King Group Events! Not only did I interview him, but I signed up for is news letter and so should you. Informative and fun!

Luna's Kitchen Magic airs Sat & Sun 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST:

Private Wine Tastings

*Wine education
*Winemaker dinners
*In-home wine tastings

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


When one wants to talk aphrodisiacs, one goes to someone who knows a lot about them.

With the holidays coming, from Halloween to Valentines, I thought I would sit down with my friend Chef Kami and get some great tips that will help keep you healthy and invigorate your love life at the same time.

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The show airs Sat & Sun 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST:

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is my confession...

The last few weeks have been tough for me. For one, the loss of my laptop sucked, but the fact that the hardrive died was an unexpected blow. With its death, I lost a lot of research.

On top of that, I have been crazy busy and uninspired.

The last week or so though, people have been talking about things on twitter that have grabbed my interest. So, the bad news is the last two weeks of the show have been non existant.

The good news is that there are some cool new ideas coming up & some great things on the horizon. thanks for bearing with me and being so great!

Chef Luna

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome neighborhood addition: Chop Bar

I walked past when they were working on it, and once after they opened for lunch. When Chop Bar announced they would be hosting a party, we decided to check it out.

I brought cookies to welcome them, them being Jesse, August and Lief (sp?). There was a whole pig, rice, beans, JC Cellars red wine and Linden St dark beer were flowing & the place was packed.

The SO & I claimed seats in the center of the bar & there we remained until the end. We got to chat with August & Jesse as they handed out drinks.

We actually started ordering for other people & handing out drinks to expidite, since it was a madhouse.

It was a great party & we are excited to try the regular menu. My only complaint is about some of the patrons: dude, when you are getting free stuff, be nice. Complain less, tip more.

If the service & food remain as consistantly good as at the party, the neighborhood has got a real winner.

A review of the dinner menu will be forthcoming. Go check it out!

Chop Bar
4 th & Jackson, Oakland
@chopbar on Twitter