Monday, March 30, 2009

Luna's Pick of the Day! Loft Liqueurs

Lisa @ Loft has unveiled the latest flavors to her standing trio of Ginger (my own personal favorite, a zingy & well balanced masterpiece), Lemongrass and Lavender. Her first seasonal flavor, Tangerine is just the right sweet and sour combo of orange goodness.

So how could she top them? Well she couldn't. But she could match them!

The brand new Blueberry is perky and way better than any of the Blueberry Vodka's I have had the misfortune to encounter, so I would really rather have some good vodka and this yummy stuff in my glass.

The second new season flavor is Raspberry and it is wonderful. It tastes like Raspberry! I think I may have to mix it with the Ginger and see what comes up....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SF Chocolate Salon: The Review

The SF Chocolate Salon was a fun and interesting revalation. I learned that cacao grows in Hawaii, and is being used by such wonderful chocolatiers as Chocolatique and Guittard.

I now know that while I like Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, the chocolate bacon bar left me wanting.

I discovered that there are some amazing chocolatiers here in the Bay Area and you will find out, too, as at least two of them have agreed to be interviewed!

For sure you need to check out:
Poco Dolce Toffee Squares

So Cola's Strauss Butter and Cream Filled treats, esp the Burnt Baby Burnt

Edible Love's amazing Absinthe and Elderflower (oh and a host of other delights, which we will discuss further!)

For your cookbook needs hit up the wonderful ladies of Omnivore, as Celia has collected so many she had to open a store!!

Coco-Luxe, very popular here at Kitchen Magic, will be adding wine to the tasting room for pairings, from 122 West Winery, which we look forward to enjoying.

All in all, the salon was a wonderful experience, though I did have a few minor issues: in the future I would like to see it more organized, as people were cutting in line and causing a bit of chaos.

And two I wonder if would be possible for people to not stand directly in front of tables once no longer tasting? That too would help speed things long.

I certainly look forward to more events from the gang at TasteTv!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Luna's Pick of the Day! Sacred Chocolate

Sacred Chocolates is Raw, Vegan, Organic and Kosher! After trying them the other day the SF Chocolate Salon, I can confidently say I am a fan! I look forward to trying the rest of the flavors.

The flavors that stood out for me were the White Passion (lemon Flavored White Chocolate), India Sunset (chai and curry in standout combo!), The Purple Sage (Rose Geranium and Purple Sage) and my favorite, Wild Fire Rose (Rose, almond, nutmeg w/red chili)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

‘wichcraft SF: review

'Witchcraft on Urbanspoon

As soon as I look at the menu I know. Oh ham, avacado & butter on baguette. We belong together.

The service is fast & friendly. I decide to get a cookie, too and ask what her favorite is.

She not only tells me, but let’s me know the chocolate chip is fresh today.

For under $10 (inc tip, so great deal!), I got a filling sandwhich (chips inc), a thin cookie sandwhich on its own plate & quick friendly service.

I love the open, spacious layout, though the noise level could be off putting if it was busier.

Its a friendly, funky atmopshere from the head Chef over at Top Chef and certainly worth checking out.

Cons: *My ham was fattier than I like.
*Nice level a bit high

Pros: *Nice, filling sandwhich.
*Fresh chocolate chip cookie sandwhich. While some might want more filling. I thought it was just right.
*Nice that it comes with chips, making it even more of a bargain.

3 1/2 cupcakes out of four