Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cheese, glorious cheese!

So you already know that I have bragging rights for being the Tillamook Fan of the month in May. Last night it was essentially confirmed by the ladies at Tillamook that I am indeed, a superfan. Don't scare though, as they also confirmed that I don't seem at all stalkery. HA! Little do they know.....

 Firestone Double Barrel Ale was a toasty pairing for tomato soup shots and ham & cheese biscuits. This is most certainly a beer I can drink more of!

Last night I tried the Garlic Chili Cheddar for what I thought was the first time. However, looking back at the post for last years awesome Tillamook event at American Grilled Cheese Kitchen I see it was there and for some reason didn't register. I can promise you that is no longer the case.

I see really great things for the Garlic Chili Cheddar in my future! see? Superfan!

Last night Heidi introduced us to her version of grilled mac & cheese sandwich. It is the ultimate in decadent carbing and not for the faint of heart. Mac & Cheese sandwiched with cheddar on one side and pepper jack on the other and then grilled to perfection. If you do not fear the carb, definitely check it out! PS: DON'T FEAR THE CARB!

And don't miss the lovely Tillamook peeps when they come to do tastings in your town! Great cheese and really wonderful people. How can you lose?!

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