Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Degrees: Helping To Get Food to Hungry Children

We are in serious trouble. Not just because the economy is in the tank or because so many people are out of work. We are in serious trouble because there are more hungry children in the world than there should be. To me, that means that there are any.

Last night my buddy Carina tweeted this: "..turn your attention to Somalia. 29,000 kids under 5 have died in last 3 months. Famine will rise without aid usaid.gov"

That is the kind of tweet that gets stuck in your throat. I know what is happening in Africa, wars, famine and their inability to live as nomads as in the past (so they could move on from illness to where there was clean water & seasonal food) has caused decades of strife and had far reaching affects on an entire continent.

But what the hell is our excuse in America? Per the stats on the Share Our Strength site, 15.5 million children live in poverty. In America. Enter the people behind Two Degrees. Children cannot function or thrive when they are hungry. They can't focus or play or live to the level in which children should, if they are hungry.

Two Degrees is working toward change by providing a nutrition pack to a malnourished child for every Two Degrees bar you buy. The company was kind enough to send me three bars to check out, but they also sent a nutrition pack and you know what? That pack had a huge impact. If I buy a bar, some child gets this? Wow.

We are in trouble and it is up to us to do more, to do better, to right by our kids. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes the world to raise millions of them. Children are the future of the world and buy taking one simple step, we can help then along the path to healthy lives. You can buy Two Degrees bars online or at your local Whole Foods. Let's make those numbers no child hungry or malnutritioned. Let's make each child healthy, happy, active and whole!

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