Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seeking spirits that are Sustainable

In a world were resources are changing, as is our attitude towards them, I was intrigued to find that there are more alcohols being created from sustainable sources. I wanted to share that, so here we go! is an Acai based spirit and $1 from the sale of each bottle goes to help the rainforest are distilled, premium American grains, flavored with Florida Oranges creates small batches of vodka made organic white corn

Bison Brewery, a Berkeley company, makes organic beer. Check it out! though the site is not up yet, keep your eye out for these organic brewers, also out of California

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  1. Hi! There are actually a number of other certified organic spirits available including two brands based here in the bay area (LOFT Organic Liqueurs and Square One Organic Vodka). Also, Kuleto's restaurant in Union Square, SF, has an all organic cocktail list. I can get you the complete organic spirits list if you'd like.


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