Thursday, November 13, 2008

Napper Tandy

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The Napper Tandy is the last place in San Francisco one might look for an Irish Pub. At 24th and South Van Ness, here it sits...

Enter and there is a small bar which allows for infinite intimacy with the bartender and the person next to you. Or if you are sitting on the opposite side of the small room, it means you may know more about the annoying guy at the bar than you really wanted to.

This is our first stop on our hunt for the best fish and chips in the Bay Area, and we have stopped by on the recommendation of one of the bartenders.

After a warm greeting we sit at a table, order a black & tan and a mimosa. The food takes a while after we order so we sit and chat with the nice man at the next table, a delight character named Harmon.

When the food comes the fish is beautiful. Four crispy battered fish lay atop a bed of fries. It comes with a little tub filled with tarter sauce, and cole slaw.

Thew fish is nice, real chunks of flaky fish in a crunchy batter. sadly it doesn't hold any flavor and to get it to hold salt you need a good dose of vinegar.
The tarter sauce is tasty, but the fries...oh the fries....

The fries are neither hot, nor crispy. To be the side of such lovely fish, i longed for hot, crunchy, salty fries!

The Napper Tandy is all in all a good bar. The atmosphere is fun, the people are nice service (read: bartenders) are great and it is worth stopping by and staying for a while.

3 cupcakes (out of 5)

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