Wednesday, March 11, 2009

‘wichcraft SF: review

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As soon as I look at the menu I know. Oh ham, avacado & butter on baguette. We belong together.

The service is fast & friendly. I decide to get a cookie, too and ask what her favorite is.

She not only tells me, but let’s me know the chocolate chip is fresh today.

For under $10 (inc tip, so great deal!), I got a filling sandwhich (chips inc), a thin cookie sandwhich on its own plate & quick friendly service.

I love the open, spacious layout, though the noise level could be off putting if it was busier.

Its a friendly, funky atmopshere from the head Chef over at Top Chef and certainly worth checking out.

Cons: *My ham was fattier than I like.
*Nice level a bit high

Pros: *Nice, filling sandwhich.
*Fresh chocolate chip cookie sandwhich. While some might want more filling. I thought it was just right.
*Nice that it comes with chips, making it even more of a bargain.

3 1/2 cupcakes out of four


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