Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chop Bar Brunch!

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Brunch at Chop Bar is a fun and delicious experience. I went for the ham & cheese frittata...its huge and comes with potatoes fruit and mini toast. The ham is very flavorful and was the perfect pairing with my Michilada, a drink my soul mother would appreciate with gusto!

Althea was a huge bloody mary fan and would usually end up drinking mine to, as I would order one to see if I liked it and well, I usually never did. I really dig the Michilada which Jesse, one of the owners, made for me himself.
Jesse told me that this is a Mexican classic, and I can certainly see why. Bohemia Beer, fresh lime, spicy tomato juice, ice and salt. This drink will bring me back for brunch, you can be sure!

Chop Bar has a relaxed, cool atmosphere, though be warned, on the weekends they only serve brunch and dinner. They have a small, lovely little kitchen, but trying to turn over three menus in one day would be an amazing feat!

Frankly, I love Chop Bar, and the crew is awesome. If you want friendly, fun and easy going, make sure you visit!

Chop Bar
247 4th St #111, Oakland Ca

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