Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome neighborhood addition: Chop Bar

I walked past when they were working on it, and once after they opened for lunch. When Chop Bar announced they would be hosting a party, we decided to check it out.

I brought cookies to welcome them, them being Jesse, August and Lief (sp?). There was a whole pig, rice, beans, JC Cellars red wine and Linden St dark beer were flowing & the place was packed.

The SO & I claimed seats in the center of the bar & there we remained until the end. We got to chat with August & Jesse as they handed out drinks.

We actually started ordering for other people & handing out drinks to expidite, since it was a madhouse.

It was a great party & we are excited to try the regular menu. My only complaint is about some of the patrons: dude, when you are getting free stuff, be nice. Complain less, tip more.

If the service & food remain as consistantly good as at the party, the neighborhood has got a real winner.

A review of the dinner menu will be forthcoming. Go check it out!

Chop Bar
4 th & Jackson, Oakland
@chopbar on Twitter

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