Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ode to a Lemon Crêpe

If all life were simplicity, we might be better off.

I have as a rule always leaned towards crêpes filled with things. Usually fruit. I try to avoid savory crêpes having had some unpleasant encounters.

Let me tell you though that now I have met my favorite crêpe there is a new standard by which all others will be judged. The choice was made quickly. Looking over the menu it seemed so simple. There was one that jumped out at me immediately.

I ordered and watched with delight as my treat was made. The booth owner chatted about the wind and how she could use it to see what areas were cooking faster. I liked that she talked to me as she worked. The dynamics of good food are truly built on the all arounf feeling one gets when in the presence of someone who loves what they do.

The smell of food was all around, delicious and inviting. I didn't want anything I had to think too hard about. (Of course I am writing this at midnight, hours after eating. So I am still thinking very hard about it.)

The crêpe was flipped, spun and then flipped again. Spun a bit more. Then a liberal sprinkling of sugar followed by half a lemon.

Then it was folded in half, a pat of butter inserted under it and gently, delicately folded before being placed in a paper holder & then on a plate. I paid for my food, thanked her and sat down in the sunshine. I opened my book & began to pick apart my food.

I ate it with my fingers, tearing up bits and eating them at leisure. There was music and wind, there was the sun on my back and the sweet sunny lemon in my mouth. I have made crêpes myself and had them served many different ways. I can tell you that yes, this one was wonderful but also perfectly timed.

Everything leant itself so beautifully to the moment it seemed that stop made for food was some sort of divine providence.

It is easy to forget sometimes that even the best food tastes awful in the best of circumstances. And that simple food tastes like that of the gods when the stars are aligned just right.

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