Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tacos Mi Tierra

The best meal we had while visiting family was on Friday in Medford. After we got off the bus we saw a library, so of course we had to go in. The library was closed but the store was open. lucky me, I got two books and scored a bunch of magazines for the whopping total of $1.50. 

href="http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/218/1574583/restaurant/Tacos-Mi-Tierra-Medford"><img alt="Tacos Mi Tierra on Urbanspoon" src="http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/link/1574583/biglink.gif" style="border:none;width:200px;height:146px" />

Then we walked across the street to Tacos Mi Tierra which smelled so good upon first entering we knew we had made the right choice. We decided to share the chicken nachos, which were enhanced the excellent tomatillo sauce we poured over them. We also got chicken tacos to go that we scarfed later. We ate another Mexican place Saturday but to our dismay, it didn't even come close to being as good. Tacos Mi Tierra is already in our list for places we plan to eat on our next visit to Medford.

The chips were wonderfully crunchy and the meat was fresh & hot off the grill. The prices are great too, we fed two people for $10, which was well within our budget. The couple behind us had burritos which looked and smelled amazing. My brother said that is what are trying next time we go....

what to eat, what to eat

I love the look of this, like an old fashioned kitchen

Meat is cooked fresh for every order and it tastes like it

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