Friday, May 20, 2011

It's the End of the World as We Know it....So I Made Pie

It is apparently quite possible that in a few hours, you or I will  be raptured (please see item #3)

Should that happen I just want you to know one thing: first, I will be eating apple pie.

I've been reading John T Edge's Apple Pie which is a swoony read of epic proportions. This is the review of that book, though should I not be raptured, after I have kept a date with my Facebook friends to loot and then crochet, I will indeed be doing just that. Then I plan on reading the other books in the series. Side note: the other books in the series are Fried Chicken, Donuts, and Hamburgers & Fries. So, I'd really rather not be raptured.

This is a photo of my favorite place to get apples at the farmer's market. These apples are delicious. And if I take the less pretty ones, they are 50 cents a pound. PIE!

I used John Besh's pie dough (it's good stuff) and tossed a bunch of apples in a bowl with brown sugar, lemon, a tablespoon of butter and some cornstarch.

I know it's awful not to measure right? Wrong. But since my sisters both claim I am from Outer Space and I am pretty sure Space Aliens are not included in the festivities, I promise to make it up to you next time.

So as I wait to hear which of my loved ones I will never seen again and the zombie horde, I rest comfortably in the knowledge that no matter what else happens, I will always have pie. Or at least a really good memory.


  1. Pie makes it all worth it. Tonight, as I made my pot roast, all I could think of was: " Man, if it does happen, I hope I get to eat this first, it smells so good!"

    Glad we are all still here ;)


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