Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Curry Favor

When Biggie said she needed to cook for people, Heather and I gladly volunteered to be those people.....

fish cakes w green beans & green onion

cucumber & red onion salad w peanuts. sooooooo good!

the best, best, best curry EVER!!!!
Coconut Milk cake w Mango IC and Pandan whip


  1. So glad you enjoyed the meal! I need to keep having people over to eat -- I'm more inspired cooking for others than just myself.

    Your cake was outstanding; almost finished with the leftovers. Bug was even able to eat the curry as I'd made it mild for you guys -- he gave it a super-thumbs-up. :-)

  2. Oh! Seeing your yummy pictures is making me hungry all over again! Thanks for the great lunch, both of you...


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