Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode To Twitter: #followfriday by @lunaraven13

Okay I admit it.

I am one of the Twitter faithful.

I was actually told by my producer, the creator/owner/QBF of RadioDenatata, @RadioDentata to join. Not asked. Told.

I can be strangely resistant to things sometimes, still it didn't take long for me to be welcomed into the Twitter fold as Frankie introduced me to her friends. She and I have been friends for many years, so of course, I trust her implicitly. If she says your cool, you must be!

If you have been warmly welcomed to a wonderful party, then you know what it is like to be loved and accepted as soon as you step through the door. I love Twitter and have learned a great deal since joining.

To my ultimate delight, I have been lucky enough to encounter some amazing people I would not have encountered in my daily life. Don't believe me? Here's the skinny on some of my tweeps:

@danieljenkins, an amazing fashion photographer with incredible insight and a great sense of humor.

@boycaught introduced me to and kept us up on the Superbowl

@Eclectopedic always makes me laugh, even if she isn't trying.

@RogueAles makes an awesome Chocolate Stout (and Sebbie let me ambush interview her :) )

@myteacups always has awesome tea recommendations (keep your eyes peeled, as she will be popping up on my blog)

Last, but absolutely not least, my friend @sh3n3rd is a wonderfully brilliant, beautiful, amazingly talented designer and all around doll.

I am also following Barbara Sher, Neil Gaiman and a lot of food, wine, beverage makers and writers. This makes Twitter great for social networking, yet also gives one the chance to make real friends.

There are a lot more people I enjoy regularly on twitter, so if nayone feels left out, just give me a shout! I love all my tweeps and just chose a few at random.

Addictive? Sure. Fun? Absolutely! Informative? Daily. Twitter has enchanted m,y life (and annoyed my longtime SO, @saschaillyvich) so why not join and see what treasures you find?

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