Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wicked Grounds: Would you like some Kink with your coffee?

I actually looked Rose to see if she could create for me a nifty chef's jacket, something cool, funky and more me. As it turns out, she is capable of that and so much more!

She and her husband are opening San Francisco's first coffee house & kink boutique, right in the Folsom neighborhood! The spot is adorable and perfect for serving Ritual Coffee, Red Blossom Tea, delightful baked goods....and ropes?

Yep! I am actually not going to tell you all about the exciting kink surprises they have in store for you, since I really want you to go and support them! I will however give you one hint: Steampunk Kink, anyone?

Lovely people offering a lovely, much needed service is Wicked Grounds. So enjoy the interview and make sure you stop by and visit my favorite resident:

Wicked Grounds
@Wicked Grounds (Twitter)

Luna's Kitchen Magic airs Saturday & Sunday @ 7 p.m. EST

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