Friday, August 28, 2009

Luna's Pick of the Week: Redux: Coco Zen

I bought a chocolate lip balm and it was alright. Then I got my hands on a Coco Zen lip balm and discovered what I had been missing!

In so many fabulous flavors, Chocolate Chai, Chocolate Coconut, Chococlate Cappucino, Chcoolate Mint, Chocolate Orange Blossom and Chocolate Strawberry, my lips were feeling pretty good. Then I tried it: the ultimate lip scrub…cause its edible!! Oh yeah, I kid you not! And my lips have never been softer, sweeter or tastier

The best thing to do is order this: A lovely Lip Duo as it will allow you to get a great deal on the scrub and your favorite balm. Here is something else really cool: it is safe for your kids, too!

How good is this stuff really? My friend Chris was complaining about having dry lips. I, being the always prepared Aunt type, whipped my Chai Lip Balm from my pocket and presented it to him. He rubbed some on his finger, sniffed & rubbed it on his lips. This was followed by a happy smile.

So there you have it, loved by a woman who didn’t know she was craving edible lip scrub and enjoyed by a young man. A true crossover product. Even funnier? Thus far, my favorite lip balm is the Cappucino! Wonders never cease! Oh yeah and Joyce & Co are committed to using Fair Trade and Organic products, as well as being local to the San Francisco Bay Area.

So go to the website: Coco-Zen and don’t forget to follow Joyce, the one and only Coco Zen Mama on Twitter!

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