Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving Beyond Pastry

I love pastry and being a pastry chef. The opportunities it affords for creativity are actually endless.

Lately I find myself turning to the Dark Side, as it were, reading Julia Child and Amanda Hesser just as I have always read Emily Luchetti and David Lebovitz.

Here's the thing: the more good food you eat, the more you want to. And because you want to eat good food, you need to know about good food. So you have to expand your reading.


Each good meal I have makes me crave the next: the first time we had duck, that perfect burger, the first time I tasted Foie Gras, or a piece of really good chocolate.

I admit that sometimes my cooking skills are sort of stretched to the limit but that just means I have room to grow. Each new book, The United States of Argula, The Primal Feast: Food, Sex, Foraging and Love, or In the Devil's Garden is shaping what comes next for me, what I am really to try, taste, learn and love.

I am excited about what lies ahead: next I will be learning more about canning and I have already been experimening with my own flavored liquors. The world of food is an endless wonder, which I am dying to explore!

I can't wait to do some foraging and gardening, learning more about bees and teaching my family about being sustainable.

Moving beyond pastry doesn't mean I am leaving my roots, just expanding and growing them. Thanks to all the people who love food and write about it. You make the world of food more interesting, worthwhile & fun.

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