Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Panna Cotta Pandemonium

After seeing that Tish Boyle had made Coconut Panna Cotta, it sounded too good not to whip some up myself. I had coconut milk, passion fruit, sugar and gelatin and was ready to rock. At the last moment, I thought, “what if I infused some tea into this?” And Pandemonium was born.

My friend Chris Peralta, awesome guy & founder/guitarist of punk band Dead Panic is always nice enough to let me force food on him and give honest feedback. You can thank him for the name, which he used in his excited description of how much he liked it!

1 c coconut milk
1 c whole milk
½ c brown sugar
2 tsp Vanilla Coconut Tea from ChaCha Tea
2 sheets gelatin
Passion Fruit Puree

Pour milks and sugar into a pan and simmer until heated through.

Add tea and let steep to the desired taste.

Rinse gelatin until it softens. I didn’t soak it. Since I am not using very much, I wanted to make sure I got the most of it. Stir in to mixture if still warm, or reheat lightly if you need to.

Set up about 4 to 5 small glasses. This looks really pretty with the passion fruit swirling through! Put about 2 tsp of puree per glass in the bottom, or more if you love the tarty taste as I do. Each glass can hold about ½ c. let stand until cool, then put into fridge to set.

This is fantastic served with green figs, which are gorgeous and flavorful, complimenting this rather than overpowering it.

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