Saturday, November 14, 2009

Foodbuzz Fest, Cocktails, baby!

Cocktails at Hotel Vitale was fantastic because you cannot believe the view. We could across the Bay, looking out at the Bay Bridge and the Clock above the Ferry Bldg. It was night, and it was a unbelievable!

Kristi introduced me to Ryan Adams (@nosetotailathome) who I will raave more about later! He went to drop his swag in his car and we worked our way up to the top of the hotel.

We walked onto the patio and just started chatting with people. A woman stuck out her hand and said "Hi, I'm Elise" and in typical Luna style, I went fan girl on her.

Me: "Oh my god!"

Elise: "Who are you?"

Me: "That totally doesn't matter, you're like, totally famous!!"

Lucky for me, she laughed and grabbed my badge. She then told me she'd be chilling with me for the evening. Wow.

Elise is amazingly open and down to earth. I don't mean because she is Simply Recipes. I mean because frankly, many people I meet are the opposite of open and cool. One of the most wonderful things about Elise is that if she likes you, she introduces you to everybody.

I met so many incredible people! In no particular order:

Patricia @brownies4dinner
Jay D @biteandbooze
Arnold @inuyaki
Diana @DianasaurDishes
Amir and Chrystal @theDuoDishes
Biggie @Biggie
Kristen @passion4eating
Gudrun @kitchengirl
Samantha @alphaprep
Jeff and Zoe @Artisanbreadin5

If I forgot you, please remind me, cause it ain't personal, I promise!

At the end of the night I finally met the one person I had actually been hunting high and low for. I am so happy to have finally met Stephanie Stiavetti with whom I have had plenty of crazy of convos with on Twitter. lest you think I am never gonna talk about the food, stay tuned, cause that is next!


  1. Luna, so cool to meet a like-minded person last week! Look forward to causing trouble with you... ;-)

  2. Luna, you are a walking party. I'm so glad to have met you! Watch out for that biggie woman, though, she's bound to get you into big trouble. ;-)

  3. HEY! Thanks for the shout out! So glad you walked up and intro'd yourself to us. Had a lot of fun and will totally holla when we come back to the Bay!

  4. Ha ha Elise, I spy your comment!!! I'll take that as a challenge... ;-)


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