Friday, November 20, 2009

Foodbuzz Fest: Street Food

Cocktails and street food were for meeting, greeting and creating. We had a central spot close to the oysters which was perfect. One could wander off, get some yums and come back to find new faces wandering about.

First of all, I just really appreciate Elise from Simply Recipes who is a real pleasure to talk to and about more than just food. Second, she is a great resource. I love a person who likes to share knowledge, kindness and is adorable to boot.

RyeSF was pouring cocktails using Skyy, and Roli Roti had the most kick ass porchetta ever!

The Pie Truck had a gruyere & steak pocket pie that made you smile. I love talking to the creators of good food, as you will usually find that people who make good food, are good themselves. No really! test this theory out, if you meet someone who isn't very nice, their food, well...

The Coconut Almond Cupcakes were insane they were so good. Trust me, I am a coconut snob. I know the real deal.

Midi provided the apps while we were at Hotel Vitale. The puffs were filled with bacon cream and were incredible.

At Hog Island, our friendly shucker is Ian the Executive Chef of Hog Island in the Ferry Building. This is also where I met Amir, one half of the Duo who Dishes! This is sort of funny because someone was trying to get him to try the oysters even as he protested. He gently kept saying he didn't like them even as the flavor got to him. We convinced him oysters are love. I also met the funny and cute Jess, so check out her site!

I also discovered that I really love crispy pork skin. Thank you 4505! Seriously, my dad would be your biggest fan!

Street food was crazy The meeting and creating of relationships with so many people of like mind. The really great part is that I met others who I relate to about more than just food. This is certainly the best one I have attended this year!

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