Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Foodbuzz Fest: the good, part 1

Where do I start? Well the day: I went to go meet Kristi (@austinfarm2table) for an ice cream adventure when went smashingly. We tried Bi Rite’s much exalted sea salt caramel and it most certainly lives up to its rep. Wonderfully creamy, a perfect balance of salt & caramel. Strangely perfect for rainy weather.

Next we wandered to Humphry Slocombe. If you haven’t done this, the walk holds some serious surprises, such as the completely magical front garden at the corner of 21st and Gurerro, which one of my friends assures me is indeed a residence.

I think I tried literally every flavor. Thai Chili Lime, the totally awesome fudgesicle, the ever popular secret breakfast, balsamic caramel, a lager (I don’t recall which one. I mean really, that’s a lot of ice cream!)

I love the kitsch factor at Slocombe as well as the really friendly service. I settled on (but didn’t finish) the Hot Mess, vanilla ice cream with marshmallow, butterscotch and bananas. I am sorry to say I wasn’t wild about the ice cream, which had a funky, sticky consistency.

I also got to try Kristi’s Foie Gras ice cream sandwich. The Foie Gras ice cream is odd tasting, but sandwiched between two ginger cookies, it’s a snappy, yummy little kick.

My favorite thing of all? The Boccalone lard caramel. Hell yeah, that is what I said! Lard caramels. Soft, creamy, with a slight spicy kick at the end. Oh. Wow.

Oh yeah, and the writing is certainly on the wall...

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  1. Luna - I had a great time exploring with you in San Francisco. Thanks for guiding me through the Mission District in style.


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