Friday, February 18, 2011

Chez Papa's for late lunch

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It's raining. I've been coughing and cooped up all week, which has been super annoying. The remedy as it turns out was Chez Papa. It was quiet, meaning I hit at the right time. The music was lovely, my server was welcoming and the host was singing in a baritone to the French songs playing. It was, just what I needed.

I'd love to have some black chandeliers. Much cooler than the ones at my grandmother's when I was growing up.

The bread was still warm when my lovely server brought it me. Butter on warm, crusty bread? Heaven.

caramelized onion soup with cheese was perfect for the weather and perfectly seasoned

When I asked if she would choose the nicoise or the chicken, there was no hesitation. The chicken and polenta were homey and worth savoring. So I did.

This plate belies the looks so innocent yet it was sublime. The rich creamy chocolate followed by the green tea ice cream was quite an experience for the mouth.

 I thanked my server when I left, and I spoke to her about the food as I was trying each course. I put myself in her hands and I am so glad I did, because her choices were dead on. 

I also hugged the host and told him he should sing with every song. This is one of those times when I didn't want to use a lot of words, yet wanted to share such a wonderful dining moment with you.
I will most certainly be visiting again!

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  1. Luna, thank yo so much for taking the time to write about your experience at Chez Papa.

    I am delighted that you enjoyed your meal! You were the perfect ending to my day. It is such a treat to serve someone as passionate about food as I am. You will have to come back for another hot, cozy lunch one of these rainy afternoons. We've updated our chicken, added a toasty warm apple bread pudding to the dessert menu, plus we still have your (and my) favorite carmelized onion soup and, as always, George's lovely singing.

    Your Server (Tessa)


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