Friday, February 4, 2011

Tea with Friends: in pictures

When Biggie said she wanted to have us over for tea, I immediately requested that Maki make strawberry cream cake like you see in animes. I know how dorky that sounds, but whatever! And Heather makes brilliant scones! We came together as sister friends (oh and the Justin, who doesn't mind with the ladies, I love it!) and had a marvelous Saturday!

these babies are filled with kabocha squash. yuuuuuuuuum.

I got one fresh & hot right after they were fried. the scent was intoxicating.

scones, clotted cream and Meyer Lemon Blood Orange Marmalade

Strawberry Cream cake good!

the table looks edible. oh wait, it is!

sconey goodness
the kitten would leave Heather or the yarn alone. She's so cute, it hardly matters.

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