Friday, April 1, 2011

Weather Rythyms: Staying Cool in the Heat

Last week here in the Bay Area, it was pouring down rain and everyone needed coats & rain boots.

This week the sun is shining rather fiercely and giving us a preview of  what summer will be like. The most important thing you can do while rolling with the ever changing weather is take the necessary precautions so that you can stay healthy and enjoy the sun!

*Stay Hydrated. I hear you saying you drink a lot of water but when the weather changes like this it's a good idea to drink more. Sweat, drink water, repeat.

*Eat well. Hydrating foods will carry you a long way: cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon and potatoes are just a few of the foods that help hydrate. Feeling a bit dry? A glass of water & a few fresh berries will help set you to rights again. Want more food that hydrate? Shape Magazine's go you covered.

*Sunscreen. It smells funny. It gets in your mouth when it sweats off. I personally hate the stuff, but am forced to wear it because I burn easily. The only sunscreen I have ever used and liked has been Alba Botanica. Since they make an unscented one, it doesn't bother my allergies and it protects my face.

*Dress weather savvy. Here in the Bay Area one usually needs to have at least a sweater handy in case of micro climate. That doesn't mean you have to wear it though! Wearing too many  clothes in warm weather can lead to dehydration or worse, so be smart and safe.

There are an amazing amount of fun things to do this weekend, so have fun, stay loose and enjoy the sun!

Urban Stitch  Tonight! Drinks, food and fashion for a low price!

Art Murmur Oakland has a plethora of talented Artists showcased every First Friday

Passport to the East Bay Check out the East Bay's hottest wineries this Saturday!

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  1. This was a pleasant taste of summer, perhaps it's time to make room in the freezer for the ice cream machine!


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