Friday, December 11, 2009

Cocktails, what is your favorite?

What is the definition of a cocktail? A drink of often dissimilar ingredients. Hmmmm….

I love a good, simple cocktail. For the last four years I have leaned toward the Maker’s Mark and Ginger ale (easy rocks), a drink I was turned onto by my fellow chef sister Jennifer.

It is amazing the amount of combinations that can be created and the amount of new liquors that are born every day. Even better is the amount of spirits are coming out that are organic and sustainable.

A few years ago you couldn’t walk into a bar and order a Harvey Wallbanger, Tom Collins, or Sidecar without getting some odd looks from your bartender. After all many a bartender we encountered didn’t know how to make them!

I had the worst Old Fashioned of my life in one of my favorite bars and vowed to never order another one from that particular person, no matter how nice she is.

Today though we meet more bartenders and mixologists that can make the most obscure cocktail, such as the Blood & Sand which I tried at Foodbuzz fest.

Whether you enjoy your vodka, scotch, whiskey or bourbon on the rocks, straight or with tonic/water, there are plenty of brands to try.

What’s your favorite cocktail? What is your favorite brand of any of the above? I would love to hear feedback on this one to see what others are imbibing!

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