Monday, December 28, 2009

The Delightful Aperitif

The Europeans have it right. How so? Ah the aperitif: an alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal. Then there is the Digestif, such as brandy, which comes after the meal.

Before you invite some friends over, here are some of the choices:

Ah well, sparkling wine, for one. Sherry and other fortified wines, such as Vin Maison. Pastis.

In France you can join friends in a local café to enjoy a drink before you go off on your separate ways to take pleasure in a meal, or perhaps eat one together.

When invited to someone’s home, you enjoy your aperitif for a half hour to an hour, enjoy some small tasty tidbits & conversation, then amble your way to your meal, leaving your hosts to theirs.

I love the idea of an aperitif, of taking the time to enjoy a nice drink, a little snack and a pleasing conversation. These are the things I would like to see more of: the time taken to relax and treasure these moments. Even nicer is the fact that there are also plenty of non-alcoholic options so anyone can enjoy!

Need some ideas for appropriate edibles? Olives, nuts, mini savory tarts and puff pastries. Even some easy fresh vegetables, cheese or baguettes with a yummy spread. Really, the possibilities are endless…

So grab yourself some lovely glasses, so great conversationalists and your favorite aperitif & nibble. Life is mean to savored and now is the time to begin!

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