Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feeling Sated

Sunday after I got homei went into a bit of a cooking/baking frenzy.

This came on top of making soup, bread and potato tacos over the holiday, so I was still in the mode for it I guess.

So I made a leek & apple tart and cupcakes.

Yesterday, I brought my friends at work each a chocolate cupcake with rosewater frosting.

For myself, my lunch consisted of a few pieces of crunchy bacon and a slice of leek tart with a few beets on the side.

My revelation was that I eat everyday at work, yet am never sated.

After I ate, I felt pleased. I made such a lovely crust, the leeks were so flavorful and the apple was still a bit crisp.

This then is what has been missing.

I just finished MFK Fisher's 'Gastromical Me' and I think that is part of it: the feelings produced by good, honest food.

In the wrong company, wonderful food can taste like sawdust.

The act of creating your own food is worthwhile and may be what finally leaves you feeling relaxed, happy & sated.

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  1. "My revelation was that I eat everyday at work, yet am never sated."

    That's sort of ironic since you work one of the better delis in the bay area. ;) But I guess it's like when I worked at Baker's Square when I was much younger - pie was the LAST thing I wanted to eat.


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