Friday, December 5, 2008

A Great Discovery for the body!

Wandering through the Crocker Galleria Farmer's Market last month I came across a small booth that had bath & body products. I stopped and talked to the nice lady that was there and I am so glad I did! Naturally Delicious Skin rocks!

So you know, this small operation is literally mom, pop and kids! Jay is the mother, who sold me on the bath fizzies! I bought some and turned one over to my boss, whose girlfriend absolutely loved it.

I tried them and to be honest, I love them. I am allergic to everything, but I am happy to report that products smell wonderful and they don't make you break out. They use only the best of all natural ingrediants and everything is made in small batches by the family, which is one of the reasons I am happy to support them.

Yesterday I bought more fizzies and a bath bar scented with Neroli. It was very hard to choose as everything smelled yummy. I settled on Neroli and said it smelled sexy and Ed told me they actually have a scent called Sexy, so I think I might have to get that one next!

Please check out their website and so go visit at the Farmer's Market. They have some great holiday sets and lost of great stuff for teens, so buy local and support a nice hard working family!

Even nicer, here is their wonderful thank you!:

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