Friday, June 19, 2009

Luna's Pick of the Day: Cha Cha Tea!

Cha Cha tea invites you to “discover the world of tea on cup at a time.” Therefore, I did!

Lychee Red Tea 1 tsp steeped three minutes: the color is a lovely red, very light bouquet; the Lychee flavor is mildly sweet with a clean, soothing swallow.

Organic Passion Fruit Rooibos 2 tsp steeped 3½ min: the lemongrass and licorice smell are very overpowering at first but dissipates quickly. The same two flavors are what stand out the most. There is a lot going on here, Rooibos, hibiscus, lemongrass, rosehips, orange peel, passion fruit, mango and clove. The clove is subtle and the passion fruit gets lost.

I like this tea, but I would have loved to have more of a Passion Fruit flavor.

Vanilla Coconut 1 tsp stepped 3 minutes: this little bag holds so many of my favorite scents all in one place: Rooibos & black teas with apple, vanilla, chocolate and of course, coconut. I rather swoon a bit every time I smell it. The fragrance is still lovely when steeped, though not as strong.

The flavors meld marvelously together, and this would make a scrumptious base in place of coffee in any dessert recipe….

Organic Celebration 1½ tsp steeped for 4 minutes: this is some sexy smelling tea! Currants, hibiscus, cinnamon and licorice root with plum, Celebration is a luscious treat that the creator Maleah says is perfect paired with bubbly. This is so bewitching an idea, I think we should go try it….

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  1. I haven't tried all of these varieties, but I can say I have a major Cha Cha Tea caramel rooibos addiction. Fun review!


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