Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Luna's Pick of the Day: Cucumber DRYsoda

I came home one evening to a marvelous treat: my sample of the brand new Cucumber Dry Soda.

I should start with this: I love these people! I discovered DRY at the store when they were doing a tasting. I came home that day with a four pack of Lavender soda. Since then I have tried every flavor, and I will freely admit that my favorite changes frequently. I have also had the pleasure of meeting the crew, so I am happy to support such charming & friendly people.

I like the Juniper and the Kumquat on their own. Lemongrass is ideal for spicy food. Lavender is perfect with a little bubbly, and the Rhubarb is a fantastic compliment to a well cooked burger. I have special plans for the Vanilla Bean the next time I get some: float. Maybe a bit of Passion Fruit or Lime Sorbet. Or both! OOOOhhhh!

I gave up soda years ago because of the garbage inside. So this product, to me goes beyond mere soda, it is four divine ingredients which create enchantment.

The first sip made my eyes pop open. The second sip lingered, fresh, light…I really do love cucumber…. This my friends, dances on the tongue as a fizzy drink should, instead of assaulting your palate with sugary horror. A fantastic balance of sweetness, clean freshness & bubbles, Cucumber DRYsoda is sure to enrapture anyone with taste buds.

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