Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foodbuzz Fest: The Final Word

At the streetfood fest, I met @TheDuoDishes, @Biggie, @chefthinks, @liquiddouglas, @alphaprep, @inuyaki and @biteandbooze, among others.

FoodBuzz fest was certainly the most organized of the fests I attended last year and I issue a huge, gigantic thanks to the folks at Foodbuzz and everyone who helped, the chefs, the cooks, the vendors, all of you are fantastic and deserve serious accolades.

The dinner at Greenleaf was so amazing that it is truly beyond words. Eating dinner with Ryan, Arnold, Patricia was fun and so enjoyable.

The foodbuzz fest gave birth to the Bay Area Food Blogger group. I was inspired by Kristi, who told me that they meet up in Austin once a month.

I mentioned that to Stephanie and she then created the google group which has allowed us to form a network of people who support and care about each other.

What I took away from foodbuzz fest is that each of us is writing in a unique way, and there are a lot of us, but room for each and everyone.

There are people I didn't meet, and people I look forward to seeing during the next big festival. Thank you foodbuzz for being so super awesome!

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  1. Luna, I'm so glad you organized a group in the Bay Area! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do in Austin.


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