Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lunch In a Box, a great, green way to eat

Biggie, the writer of Lunch in a Box, lived in Japan for nine years and was resistant to the bento box.

Here she is years later, a bento box blogger extrodinare. Her kitchen a bright fun place filled with bento boxes and accessories galore. So much galore in fact, that some of it was falling on her when she opened the very neatly organzied cupboards!

I realized that a bento box is one of the greenest meals you can ever create, and we both grew more excited as we talked about the possibilities that exist for making a healthy, well rounded and filling lunch.

This is one of the funnest chats I have ever had, with one of the coolest, most amazing women I know.

I purchased all the stuff for the Bento box test but have only done one so far. On the other hand, I am really being more conscious of eating by color, so thanks Biggie!

She also reccommends Kawaii Bento Boxes for help, since most of the other books are in Japanese. Oh yeah and she sings th cutest song....!

Sit back, relax and listen as Biggie teaches how to make Lunch in a Box!

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