Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrating my My Success

To start off the year, I wrote a life list. This is a list of things I would like to accomplish or simply enjoy sometime in the next 30 or 40 years.

Every few years, I end up with someone who decides to take me on as a ‘project.’ This generally happens when I am at the tail end of a crappy job and just sort of stuck, or one of those moments where I am transitioning from broke back to normal.

I easily recognize the signs. In light of that, and since I feel it coming, I thought I would share some of the successes I have had in my life. We all have times when we might complain or whine or feel stuck. But it isn’t fair for us to allow others to let us forget where we have been.

*I have been in the paper, demonstrating arts & crafts for a class my sister taught

*I have been on the honor roll and was in the elevated classes in Jr High

*I won a lip synching contest in HS because of my dancing

*I won a songwriting contest in HS and sang in front of the whole school

* I have recorded two demos and done back up for a rapper

*I am a published poet and erotic writer

*I had an internet jewelry business long before Etsy

*I graduated from Culinary school with A's & B’s and I both commuted & worked while in school

*I have been a successful grill cook, pantry cook, event line chef and pastry chef

*I was the pastry chef at a winery

*I am a writer for Cuisine Noir

*I have an internet radio show Luna’s Kitchen Magic

I may not have a lot of money, but this is just a drop in the bucket of what I have and can achieve. I am still young, so anything can happen!


  1. What an amazing list of accomplishments! And so varied! It's really cool to know these things about you. I love that you wrote about this. We all have things with which to be to be proud. Just because we don't talk about them constantly, the well-intentioned people you refer to don't know what we are capable of, and therefore make assumptions. Cheers to you for more amazing achievements ahead!

  2. Yes, and don't forget you have a wonderful, insightful blog on growing up biracial, which would make a great book!

  3. Thank you ladies so much for your continued love and encouragement! It is so appreciated!


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