Monday, February 1, 2010

The scariest thing I saw this week...

was cheese mites. In a hug cluster buried in a hunk of cheese. It was disturbing! They look like dust, except they are buried in the cheese. So, one must be vigilant about taking care of your cheese!

Milbenkäse or Spinnenkäse is a German specialty cheese flavored with salt and caraway, dried and then placed in a box filled with these mites. The mites are fed with rye flour and the cheese is aged three months to one year. This is a cheese that has been made and consumed since the Middle Ages, and is only produced in Wurchitz. Yikes!

Mimolette is produced in Lille, France. It is an orange cow's milk cheese that has mites added to the crust. This cheese was orginated at the request of Louis XIV.

Make sure to store your food properly. While these cheese's may be delicacies, the mites can infest other items, such as a flour, pastas, crackers etc. Always be very conscious of how and where to store a cheese such, and if you don't know how, look up resources on the internet.

Keep in mind that this is the type of delicay best enjoyed by people with strong immune systems!

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