Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally, the 2009 wrap up!

The end of last year was a huge whirlwind of activity and it was incredible!

We started of with a wonderful happy hour over at Horizon: we had baby Kobe beef burgers, sweet potato fries and cocktails. Chef Christopher Lee creates some seriously great food, and his sweet potato fries are, in all honesty, the best I have ever had!

Then @HeatherHAL and I were at Graff Eats Street Food dinner. We met the delicious Blair Warsham  via our good friend Tracy, aka the Starry Eyed Foodi. He presented the best of the best for street food from his view: Fish and Chips with my (now) favorite thing, curry aioli
The crispy BBQ carnitas were postively magical. Perfectly cooked with the best braised onions I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Blair was joined in the kitchen by the fantastic Alex Marsh, funny, adorable and also an amazing chef!

Next up: Molecular Mixology with Doug Williams who mixes cocktails at Rye, Bourbon and Branch, & teaches how to use liquid nitrogen to create some outstanding cocktails that really open the mind. On the above right is a mojito frappe that was cool, refreshing and had a wonderfully concentrated flavor.

He also showed us how how to freeze root, dip it in cream and make an inside out rootbeer float bite. This is the sort of cool stuff that totally changes how you think about cocktails!

Last, but most certainly not least, the whole gang attended Meat Camp class taught by the fabulous Carrie Oliver.

We tasted 6 versions of the same cut of meat. Its quite a fascinating experiment to taste how different the same cut of meat can be based on where the animal comes from, dines on and how/how long the meat is aged.


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  1. That was an incredible week! Did I tell you I have a bottle of Root now? It's cocktail time..

  2. It was great and it was even better by the fact that I got share it with such a wonderful friend!


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