Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ricotta cheese is versatile and yummy!

When you think of Ricotta, do you think of your favorite Italian treat?

Cannoli, manicotti?

Well there is so much more to these cheese than that! There are many types available, for lots of purposes. Here are just a few:

Smoked Ricotta (Ricotta Affumicata) is great grated over pasta or salad. It has a rich essence due to being smoked that adds a nice layer of flavor. This can be a hard cheese to find, but well worth the effort!

Factory produced Ricotta is the one we are the most used to for dessert, lasagna and of course manicotti.If you can mae your own Ricotta, which I have not yet had the chance to do, I am willing to bet that it is absolutely divine!

I have yet to try Ricotta Impastata, a whipped pastry style that sounds divine! The possibilities of this one are absolutely endless!

Ricotta Salata has become more popular over the last few years. It is aged cheese that offers a nice salty crumble for salads, pasta or even soup. It is also pretty good on sandwhiches, but unless you grate it or cut it fairly well, it doesn't always have the best melting quality.

With this many (and more) varieties available, why not try one for your next meal. The versatility will surprise and excite you.

got a favorite recipe featuring ricotta? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. ricotta gives zeppoles great texture.

    i've started experimenting with my zeppole recipe and using soft cheese instead of ricotta.

    great results for:
    goat cheese zeppole
    blue cheese zeppole

    love ricotta though

  2. I love ricotta in my lasagna. Umm...sounds like dinner tonight. Thanks.

  3. Good goat cheese is always a treat in my book! And there are more options out there than people realize, thanks for the reminder!


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