Saturday, March 27, 2010

Street Food Crawl, episode 1

Tuesday as we chatted on Twitter, I got a message from my friend @eastbaydish asking if I wanted to go have street food. I threw on some clothes, grabbed the recorder and was out the door before I even had the chance to realize I had said yes!

We started with getjerked and their delicious tacos. Christina preferred the chicken's spiciness, while I loved the fish taco's zippy creaminess.

Then we moved on to Vamos Primos where had a fantastic empanada. It has the kind of crust that made me think of an enclosed mini pot pie.

Then we had an alfajor, the most delicious of dulce de leche filled cookie sandwich. If you can't see, its rolled in coconut. Next time, we will be sure to get two!
 When we got to Seoul on Wheels, all that was left was meat, veg and kimchee! So Christina went for Chicken and broccoli, while I went for the rib eye and kimchee.

Want to know what we thought? Listen to the show!

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