Friday, March 26, 2010

Following the right path, and the giveaway winner!

Being called out by someone you admire has the potential to be horrifying. If you don't listen.

When I got called out by Traca, aka, Seattle Tall Poppy, I got quiet.

She has some valid points: the blog has in fact been a mess the last two years. More of a reflection of who I am in times of frustration rather than who I truly feel like or want to be. And I realize that people care or they wouldn’t be sharing what they think in such way a that I hear, and not let my feelings get in the way of the truth.

I don't give myself the chance to shine the way I could. The way I deserve to. That's right, I keep myself from shining through.
I get irritated and rant, which truly does nothing to showcase my best self, or my many talents. Being focused and cohesive is better for myself and for my readers. Heather has expressed to me that she really enjoys the direction my writing is taking, and I think it becomes easier to be more objective as I step back and see where my focus needs to go.

So it feels good that the conclusions I have come to are supported by my friends and readers. I may still get off track time and again, so please feel free to give a shout and say “Hey Luna….what the hell are you talking about?” Trust me, I won’t get offended.

Now to the really good stuff! I had a giveaway of the book I have started cooking my way through and I am delighted to announce the winner is…….. @julieako! Congrats Julie and I look forward to comparing notes with you once you try some of the recipes.

Thanks to all who entered the contest and stay tuned for more from “Witch in the Kitchen”!

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