Friday, March 12, 2010

What makes you special?

In November, I was asked by a man I not only like immensely, but trust absolutely "What makes you special?"

This is the sort of question that, when asked by the wrong person, can shake up your entire world. Instead, it made me contemplative. The reason is that I recognized that what he was asking was "I know why you're special, do you?"

So, flash forward to a few days ago. I was feeling tired, agitated and just wrung out. An opportunity came up that I considered passing on. When I presented it to my friend Kelly, her response was "You can sleep when your dead. This is your career!"

With that in mind, I was able to interview the amazing and very interesting Warren Brown. This was a truly invigorating conversation. He has a passion for cake, but a passion for life as well.

The other thing that had been worrying me was if I am a good interviewer or not. Am I too relaxed, too unprepared?

This interview made two really valuable points for me. 1) I am a great interviewer and 2) What makes me special is, well, me.

My natural verve makes an impact on people that I don't always recognize. People can just be themselves around me, although that doesn't always make them comfortable. I am very open and always just myself.

 My conversation with the Cake Love man himself showed me that even when I am feeling a bit shy and in awe of the subject, by just allowing the conversation to flow I allow each of us to shine the way we need to.

I am so excited about writing up this article and it will be in next months Cuisine Noir, which has some unbelievable features you will not want to miss! Thank you for all your love and support!

Now...what makes you special?!


  1. You nailed it! You are a GREAT interviewer and always put your interviewee at ease. Never doubt! Press on!

  2. Thank you! The man who asked me that question was the formidable Ed, so it really made me think!


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