Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Luna's Pick of the Day: Marshmallows a Deux

I have an obsession. It stems from childhood and became worse the first time I discovered I could make these amazing, fluffy pillowy squares myself. In childhood, these things were white and sometimes had a slightly tough consistancy. I never cared about that.

For me, be it marshmallow frosting or gooey in ice cream, the flavor is something that beckons me from sad to happy in an instant.

Plush Puffs come in six flavors. My favorite: the Lemon Meringue. Lightly toasted over an open flame, I am entranced by the magical soft puffing, the scent of lemons and the feel in my mouth both hot and tender. Ah.....this is starting to sound a bit pornographic!

I actually liked these as much as the last ones I reviewed, so there you have it. I cannot and will not choose between them....tell you what we'll get both and just have some s'mores!

Plush Puffs

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