Friday, February 6, 2009

Luna's Valentine's Day Pick: Coco-Luxe

Ah what ever will we get our lover for Valetine's day? Lingere? Dinner? Wine? Well, my Valentine is getting chocolate from Coco-Luxe. Champagne, Rose with White Chocolate, Devils Food Cake? Hell yeah!

Not to mention that I got to try the Butter Caramels (oh heaven, thy name is caramel.) Stayed tuned as next week I will be doing an interview with Stephanie, the owner and creator of Coco-Luxe. Until then, jump on line or check them out at the Boutique. You will be glad you did!

Tell 'em Luna sent you!



  1. i love coco-luxe! Their green-tea truffle is amazing. They also have a store at Check it out!

  2. The posted photo's a bit blurry, but Coco-luxe's butterscotch truffle enrobed in white chocolate...

    Divine. Sublime. Delicious.

    Words or photos don't do it justice!


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