Tuesday, June 22, 2010

35 and still alive

As I celebrate another birthday, I can’t help but marvel at the fact that I ever even got here. My mother was told she couldn’t have any more children after my older sister. You can imagine how some people in my family vacillated between miracle and what the hell?! I actually almost died a few times and my parents were told I would not live to see the age of 10. Impressed yet?

In 35 years I have learned many things and I look forward to learning even more in the next 35. Two days before the blessed day I was in the store and the man behind me said “Hey I remember you from Purgatory!”

He looked vaguely familiar and I used to feel bad about these moments as they happen to me frequently. It’s a bit strange to me to stand out so strongly in someone’s mind they might recall me after 20 years.

I have realized that some people are more memorable than others and that being embarrassed that you don’t remember people isn’t necessary as long as you are nice to them. I have realized some other things, too…

• Life moves quickly. So don’t worry so much about little inconsequential things.

• Thoughts really are things and if your whole soul is thinking hard enough to make something happen, you damn well better make it good.

• Lying about your age is silly. Be proud of who you are, you earned it.
• I will never again starve myself because someone I didn’t like said I was fat. (How dumb was that?!)

• People who love you will always love you. People who don’t love you don’t deserve your time or attention.

• If an older woman wants to date a younger man, it’s really not my business. Unless she is my mom and he is my age.

• Feel blessed everyday. There are many people in our lives who love us and think about us. Even if they don’t always say it.

• Don’t be afraid to speak the truth. You don’t have to be mean to be honest.

• It’s okay to say ‘no’. No really. Some tasks may be too daunting or damaging for us to manage.

• Care. But not that much.

• Hard work doesn’t reward the way we’ve been taught to believe.

• It is never, ever too late to live your dreams. You may just have to adjust them a bit.

• It is always better to be who you are rather than who people expect you to be.

• Little kids don’t have a lot of stress because they view the world through different eyes. Give it a try!

I have of course learned many more wonderful things, but we can leave a few of them for next time. Thanks to all who called, emailed or twittered me to wish me a happy birthday, you made it even better!


  1. You sure are a smarty pants for someone so young! I hope some of your wisdom sinks in for me by the time I turn 55. Happy belated!

  2. Happy Birthday --- will your bday cake be a pound cake?

  3. I made Whoopie Pies for my birthday and they were delicious!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I've been meaning to stop by more often. I hope all is well.

    Have a good Friday!


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