Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fat Fannys, where art thou?

I'm not sure what sparked the memory of one of my favorite childhood dining spots. Perhaps it's because I am nearing my birthday. Or just that food has so many feelings attached to it, cookies, cakes...fries.

My dad discovered this place while working: Fat Fannys in San Ramon. I don't remember the food at all, just that it was up a flight of stairs and there in the half darkness, amazingly backlit booths lay mecca.

All of the servers dressed in costume. Oh and you ordered extra food from a phone in your booth!

My dad, knowing that his daughters would nearly die from the delight of being waited on by cute boys in wild outfits, of course took us right away. On any given day, your waiter could be a doctor, rock star or Robin Hood. Or even better, you might get Snow White, Marilyn Monroe or Wonder Woman. (Well, better if you are a little girl.)

We didn't go a lot as my parents were pretty strict about food, so it was always a real treat to go (and to pretend to forget our fries so we could order them by phone. My dad was a pretty cool guy.)

I miss the fun times we had at Fat Fannys, partly because I miss being a kid, eating with my family. And if there is ever another resturant filled with servers in costume, I am soooooo there. Especially if its my birthday!

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