Saturday, September 19, 2009

So Cola, so yummy!

The Sisters of So Cola

What happens when two sisters come together to make chocolate? Tradtion + youth = delectable delights. Wendy & Susan Lieu are very different, yet compliment each other so well that you can see easily how this team is a success.

Making truffles since high school, Wendy is the pastry chef and Susan is her cheerleader. Or so it seems at first. The charm of these two sisters is their passion for making the most delicious chocolates, using the best ingredients & creating new flavor profiles.

Flavors? Oh, they are where the new & old world meet: Vietnamese Ca Phe Sira is a wonderful Vietnamese Espresso with organic condensed milk. Topped with French Chicory grounds, this is a lovely coffee treat.

Give it to Me Guava, I love because the only thing better than Pate de Fruit is chocolate covered Pate de Fruit!

I adore the Burnt Baby Burnt, an awesome burnt caramel with red Hawaiian sea salt that cretaes the perfect balance in a truffle.

The Guiness Truffle is a must try! Perfect for the Guiness lover, creamy & covered in gold dust!

The Notorious H.O.G.- Black Hawaiian sea salt & Applwood smoked bacon. Truthfully, I was was wary as the last bacon chocolate I had left me wanting. So Cola has it just right. Balanced, funky and oh so cool...

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  1. the The Guiness Truffle? I gotta try one of those. LOL


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