Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barefoot Contessa Family Style review

I won’t lie. I am more than a little in love with Ina Garten. After reading her story in the “Parties” book, I am became even more enamored. She made the most of an incredible opportunity and has become a great influence on women in the food industry such as myself.

“Family Style” is in my humble opinion, fantastic. Gorgeous pictures and simple recipes abound, beginning with the basics such as setting the table, cooking together and traditions. One of my favorite aspects of her books is that she talks about making a time table, and what to do in case disaster strikes.

Ina Garten shares recipes for many occasions & people: East Hampton Clam Chowder, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Tuna Tartare, Curried Chicken Salad, Fish & Chips, stuffed tomatoes and Frozen Key Lime Pie.

I love the coconut macaroons, and the sour cream pancakes (I used yogurt). I have made the chive biscuits many times, and they are always flaky, plus you can change out the chives for almost any herb.

There is a wonderful section on entertaining kids that even the most discerning kid would enjoy, while any initiate in the kitchen could make the recipes happen. There is also a recipe for marshmallows, which making with your kids would not only be fun, but would impress them to no end!

This is a cookbook I will still be using many years from now.


  1. This is one of my favorite books, itsbasicbut every recipe turns out perfectly. When I cooked Thanksgiving for 25 I used her mashed potato recipe, and also her mac'n'cheese is what inspires my own fabulous version! I also have her Parties and Paris books, but this one is the favorite.

  2. Her parties book is just brilliant, so easy and so simple! I love her!


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